Women-Owned Firms to Create 1/3 of New Jobs by 2018? Not So Fast …

It’s another headline that seems a little bit too good to be true (hearkening back to the October announcement from the National Women’s Business Council and the Center for Women’s Business Research that women-owned firms “create or maintain” fully 23 million jobs, more than three times the number published by the US Census Bureau) – that, by the year 2018, women-owned firms will account for half of all new small business jobs and one-third of all new jobs in the US.

Guardian’s Small Business Research Institute made this announcement in a news release just the other day, saying that these projections are based on a “rigorous analysis of converging factors.” The release goes on to say that these firms will transform the workplace due to women business owners being less hierarchical and more customer-focused.

While Womenable agrees with their findings that many women are launching their enterprises in part to thumb their noses at the corporate rat-race, and that women are more likely to seek fulfillment from enterprise creation which goes beyond making a buck (see our commentary in our most recent e-newsletter), we have our doubts that such a sea-change in the business environment will happen in less than a decade. We would, of course, love to be proven wrong!

To read more about these new projections from the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, click here.

3 thoughts on “Women-Owned Firms to Create 1/3 of New Jobs by 2018? Not So Fast …

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