“Lipstick Entrepreneurs”? That’s SO Last Century

The article in the UK’s Sunday Times on 3 January began in a promising manner, referring to recent reports that 2010 will usher in the decade of the woman entrepreneur:

“‘A tenfold increase in the number of female CEOs in FTSE 100 companies!’, ‘Double the number of female MPs!’, ‘100% growth in women-owned start-ups!’ — these predictions come from the trendspotter Jeremy Baker, of ECSP Europe Business School.”

But the article’s headline? “Meet the lipstick entrepreneurs” – ugh! And where is the article placed? In the paper’s “Life & Style” section – double ugh!!

OK, so maybe this cheeky headline is just a nod to the title of a recent report from The Future Laboratory sponsored by Avon Products, but Womenable prefers the sentiments and styling of this shout out to the UK’s women business owners, which we likewise came across on the same date:

While Womenable frequently admires the UK’s cheeky monikers, such as “mind the gap,” we know that words matter. This recent headline – and the placement of the article in the Style section rather than in Business – speak volumes about why, despite policy efforts, women’s entrepreneurship in the UK still lags that in the US and in many other developed economies. C’mon Sunday Times, treat women business owners as the economic engine that they are, and don’t belittle the message of the article by slapping on a demeaning headline and placing it in the Style section. That’s so last century.

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