Celebrate Women’s History … in a Museum

We womenablers all know that the 8th of March is International Women’s Day, when many nations around the world celebrate the unique roles and achievements of women in society. Many countries extend their recognition of women’s accomplishments to the entire month of March. (Other nations celebrate women in other months more appropriate to their history, like Canada in October and South Africa in August.)

To learn more about all of the events happening around the world on International Women’s Day, visit internationalwomensday.com.

One thing we’d suggest doing during this month of celebration and focus on women’s issues is to visit a museum – with your colleagues, friends, or family (especially youngsters). There are many museums around the world that focus exclusively on one famous woman (like the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum in Delhi), a group of women (like the National Cowgirl Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas), or women in general. Here are a few of them:

So celebrate Women’s History Month by heading off to a women’s museum near you. Here’s hoping that you learn something new, and can share the experience with others.

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