Who makes the news? Take a wild guess…

Starting back in 1995, the Global Media Monitoring Project began documenting the extent to which women’s voices, faces and stories were being covered in the world’s news media. From 71 to now 108 countries, researchers gather data on who is covering and reporting news stories, who is being interviewed, and what the stories are all about. As stated in the report, this effort has documented “the deep denial of women’s voices in the world’s news media.”
Who Makes the News? report cover
A fascinating new report, “Who Makes the News? The Global Media Monitoring Report 2010,” has been published tallying up the figures. The result? Some moderate progress has been made, but the faces and voices are still predominately male, and stories focusing on women still reinforce many gender stereotypes.

Here are some highlights:

  • Just one-quarter (24%) of the people that are heard or read about in the news media as of 2010 are female – a small number, but up from just 17% in 1995,
  • The voices and faces delivering the news are also predominately male: 37% of news reporters/readers are female, a share unchanged from five years ago,
  • When women are covered in news stories, 46% of stories reinforce gender stereotypes, and
  • The area seeing the biggest rise in stories about and featuring women are in the area of science and health (rising from 22% to 32% over the past five years). There has been no change (20% in 2005, 20% today) in stories focused on women’s role in the economy – such as women’s entrepreneurship.

The report is a fascinating read, and well worth a look. Visit the Who Makes the News website to learn more. Report highlights are available in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish, and the full report is available in English, French and Spanish.

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