Two Womenabling Initiatives of Note in Europe

Womenable has come across two very interesting and womenabling initiatives in Europe to share with you:

  • An initiative labeled “WINNET8“, subtitled “Women Resource Centers, an Innovation System for Gender Equal Growth in Europe.” This eight-country effort is focused on improving women’s labor market participation by focusing on entrepreneurship development, innovation, and occupational segregation. They’ve been busy with some organizational meetings and workshops, which are summarized on their web site; and
  • female figure on map of Europe

  • GENDERA, short for “Gender Debate in the European Research Area,” which is focused on increasing gender awareness in research and gender diversity among researchers. As we well know, adding women’s voices and perspectives to any endeavor increases the richness of outcomes in so many ways.

Click on the links above to learn more about these two powerful collaborations. Kudos to those behind them. You go, girls: you have earned a spot on Womenable’s Links to Other Womenablers list!