Musings on Women’s History Month

On a recent trip to Washington, DC, to – what else – advocate for women’s economic empowerment in my new role as Chair of the Association of Women’s Business Centers, I was catching up on my business magazine reading. I ran across an article about “do it yourself” animated movie-making, and I thought it sounded interesting. So, I said to myself, why not experiment with it a bit. Here’s the result, a little ditty reflecting on the meaning of Women’s History Month. We’re calling this occasional series “The Womenabler Speaks,” and you’ll be able to find this and other video contributions from Womenable on our new You Tube channel. We’d love your comments.

Just in case you can’t make out all of the words that the Womenabler avatar is speaking, our Musings on Women’s History Month poem is repeated below:

Womenable speaks makes its debut.
A lighthearted look, from our point of view,
at womenabling news you can use.

We may not always rhyme,
our raps may not be sublime,
but our tweets, posts and bon mots,
mixing poetry and prose,
will shine a light, make you think, and be right on time.

March means women’s history.
A month-long look at all that we
have done to move that proverbial ball
up the hill and over the wall.

So let’s remember the suffragettes,
and those who bear the torch today.
From Tareer Square to High Street they gather to say
Let’s make a path so we can get
A chance to launch and find our way
to peace through business and empowerment.

That’s what our foremothers saw,
when risking life and limb.
A future bright with promise,
for all our kith and kin.

So celebrate women’s history by making some of your own!

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