Ruminations on the Women’s Enterprise Movement

I’ve been traveling lately, participating in a panel on the value of mentors and role models for would-be women business owners, presenting a paper on what gets missed when business enabling environment assessments don’t include gender, speaking at the We Own It Summit in London – and meeting with a group of women’s business advocates in the UK about moving forward with new efforts in moving women’s enterprise development forward there in the wake of organizational and governmental change.

I’ve uploaded the presentation I delivered at this strategy session here:

While it’s a bit long for a quick review (just under 28 minutes), you might want to bookmark it and watch it some morning with your caffeinated beverage, or at the end of the day with a more relaxing beverage.

So, on the eve of Independence Day here in the USA, let freedom ring for enterprise creation and growth around the world. Perhaps these thoughts and lessons learned can help in that regard. Onward and upward, sisters and brothers in arms!

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