Empowering Women by Empowering Trade

Accessing new markets is an important avenue to greater growth for businesses, and a more laser-like focus on issues of spurring growth among women-owned enterprises is the next stage of the women’s enterprise movement. So says Womenable President & CEO Julie Weeks in an article in the most recent issue of the International Trade Centre’s International Trade Forum. Download and read the entire issue, Empowering Women, Empowering Trade at this link.

The ITC is helping fuel this next stage for women’s enterprise development in two exciting ways:

  1. By spearheading a Women Vendors Exposition and Forum, which provides an opportunity for trade-focused women business owners to meet potential international buyers. The second annual Expo is coming up on November 6-7 in Mexico City. Find out more at this link; and
  2. By launching a new program in Africa to help improve access to international markets for women business owners there. The ACCESS! Export Development Programme aims at assisting over 2,500 women entrepreneurs. Click here to read a fact sheet about the program.

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