NWBC Annual Report Published

The annual report from the National Women’s Business Council was issued just before the end of the year, and not only contains an abundance of statistics but a succinct set of policy recommendations, in keeping with their mandate to represent the interests of women business owners and their enterprises in federal policy-making circles.NWBC_2012AnnualReport_cover

Perhaps the most important text in the report, however, is the description of how the Council has changed its operating procedures to ensure greater continuity of operations, and their recommendations for more active engagement with respect to member nominations and closer monitoring of council member terms. Making these changes would prevent what has happened all too frequently over the past decade – the expiration of a majority of member terms at or near the same time, with a corresponding lag in re-nominations, leading to long periods of inactivity by the Council. This serves no one – not federal policymakers and certainly not the women’s business community. Improving this situation could be the best thing that the NWBC has done in a long time!

To read and download the 2012 NWBC annual report, click on THIS LINK.

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