Global Entrepreneurship Week Adds Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

GEW_mainLaunched with great fanfare by the Kauffman Foundation in 2007, Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrates the creative spirit and transformative power of entrepreneurs – taking a “Pied Piper” approach to encourage more people to think about “unleashing ideas” and launching entrepreneurial endeavors. Starting with 37 countries in 2007, there is now engagement in 150 countries in this, the eight year of the celebration. The 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place from November 17th to the 23rd.

What is this all about, you may ask? Check out the brief explanatory video below:

Why are we sharing this with you, fellow womenablers? Because, for the first time, the folks at GEW are adding in an official Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on Wednesday, November 19. (The midweek point has been used in a number of countries to mark the contributions of women entrepreneurs, but this year marks its official debut.)

Check out the list of events already scheduled on this day, or during the entire week, in your country. Or – better yet – consider organizing an event on the 19th to celebrate women’s entrepreneurship! Check out the GEW/WED page for ideas and resources. The GEW folks are “leading by example” by planning an event at the United Nations in New York City. More information about that particular event can be found HERE.

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